Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum

Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum

Welcome to Personal Visions Gallery—where we inspire artists with mental health disorders to produce, exhibit and sell creative works of art.

Personal Visions Gallery is a partnership between Cornerstone Montgomery and The Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum, located in Bethesda, Maryland. The gallery exhibits, which feature the original works of artists living with mental health disorders, are free and open to the public. We invite you to sign up for announcements of upcoming exhibits and opening receptions.

Our History

Artistic vision comes from many points of view and everyone needs a place to create. It is with that in mind that cousins Dennis and Phillip Ratner, along with Phillip’s wife Ellen, offered the main exhibition area of the Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum to Cornerstone Montgomery, the largest and most comprehensive mental health organization in Montgomery County. The Personal Visions Gallery, established in September of 2013, was the result of this special collaboration and is the only gallery of its kind in Montgomery County.

Internationally renowned artist, Phillip Ratner, had been working on projects and exhibits with artists from Cornerstone Montgomery’s Studio In-Sight program for several years when he, Dennis Ratner and Ellen Ratner changed their vision for the museum by increasing their commitment to helping artists with mental health disorders. The three founders contacted Cornerstone Montgomery to propose a more formal partnership. “We have moved into doing something that is noble,” said Phillip Ratner of this endeavor. Previously, the Ratner Museum’s community outreach focused on the exhibition of the art of over 100 professional artists. The Ratner Museum provides donated materials, classroom space and mentorship to Studio In-Sight artists in addition to providing the main exhibition space for Personal Visions Gallery. According to participating artists, Personal Visions Gallery and the Studio In-Sight program provide the “opportunity and space to create art in a safe place and be surrounded, supported and influenced by other artists”.

Cornerstone Montgomery and Studio In-Sight

Cornerstone Montgomery is an independent, nonsectarian, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with the capacity to serve more than 2,400 adults and transition aged youth. The mission of Cornerstone Montgomery is to empower people living with mental health and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders to live, work and integrate successfully within the community. Offering comprehensive community based services, Cornerstone Montgomery manages 82 properties throughout Montgomery County. 

Studio In-Sight, a vocational program of Cornerstone Montgomery, provides space and materials for clients to embrace their passion and vocation as visual artists. Dedicated staff champion clients’ professional goals through the creative process. The diligent artists, working outside the mainstream, create powerful and engaging work. The supportive atmosphere of the studio, benefits of creative expression, positive social outlets, and financial opportunities, all combine to give clients control over improving their lives. Studio In-Sight is growing and currently has four studio classes a week and serves over 50 artists. Visit Studio In-Sight on the web for events, artist portfolios, to view and purchase art, and to stay informed about our program.